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As a seconded national expert in DG MARKT’s Banking & Financial Conglomerates Unit, one of my tasks was the drafting of all documents related to the supervision of complex banking and insurance-groups i.e. financial conglomerates, necessary for the revision of the Financial Conglomerates Directive, the Capital Requirements Directive and Solvency II, proposed by the European Commission, brought home and published in the Official Journal as 2011/89/EU, including (list of examples):

The consultation paper regarding potential revisions to banking and insurance rules regarding the control of group risks:

The impact assessment accompanying the Commission’s proposal:

The Staff working document on remaining gaps in complex group supervision:


Academic books or contributions to books, a.o.:

The case for cooperating supervisors in Europe (2008), in Een klassiek econoom met een brede blik, Liber Amicorum aan Hans Visser, Sdu uitgevers, Den Haag

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with H. Visser, Inleiding tot het geld- en bankwezen (1997), Academic Services



Popular journals and working papers a.o.

It's easy to miss something you're not looking for. Why some banks will get in trouble again. November 2015

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